Video Conference / Virtual Classroom

Webex is the videoconferencing solution that the Department of Education and Training offers all Victorian government schools. Here are instructions on how to access Webex meetings provided by your teacher using your internet browser. You may need to ask your parent or carer to help you access them.

1. Your teacher will provide you with a meeting or class number and a meeting password. This will be 9 digits long (e.g. 123 456 789).

2. Open your internet browser and go to

3. Enter the meeting number in the ‘meeting information’ field and press ‘Enter’.

4. Enter the password provided by your teacher, and press ‘Enter’.

5. Select the ‘Join’ or ‘Join Meeting’ button. If you see a pull-down arrow on the button, click the pull-down and ensure ‘Use web app’ is selected.

6. When prompted, enter your first name and initial of your last name. Enter an email address. This email address will not be displayed when you join the meeting, and you will not receive emails from Webex at this address.

7. Click ‘Join Meeting’.

8. The session will start. You might be asked to allow your microphone and camera to be used in the session. Click ‘Allow’ then press ‘Skip’ to continue.

9. Start learning with your peers and teachers, just like at school!

* Webex meetings can also be accessed via a desktop application. The instructions above are for browser access, however you can download the desktop application from or when prompted when joining a meeting from the link you have been sent.