How to Access Student Reports and Achievement

Beaufort Secondary College provides feedback of student progress in multiple formats. Student progress is broken into the categories of Learning Tasks, Effort and Achievement Graphs, Interim Reports, and Semester Reports. This diverse feedback ensures you are always kept up-to-date with your child’s progress.

Learning Tasks
The purpose of the learning task is to provide parents and students with progress of work to be completed and receive a result once assessed. Once made available, parents and students can see the work students are currently completing, access any resources needed and see the due date if one is set. Feedback is given during the term and can be accessed anytime by clicking the Learning Task tab in the student’s profile. This provides parents and guardians with an indication of how the student is performing during the semester. End of semester exam results will be distributed via these Learning Tasks.


Effort and Achievement Graphs, and Interim Reports
The Effort and Achievement Graph is a progressive report that provides a visual representation of the Effort the student is applying, and the achievement achieved. This becomes available at the end of each term. In Figure 1 the yellow represents the effort and the black dot is the achievement. This graph is a perfect demonstration of how the student’s achievement has increased due to an improvement in the effort applied during class.

Figure 1


Interim reports are provided at the end of Term 1 and Term 3. Interim reports represent a summary of the student’s progress during the semester.

Both of these reports can be accessed by clicking the Reports tab in the student’s profile then choosing the cycle required. The cycle as indicated by the red arrow in figure 2, is a drop down list that contains the Effort and Achievement results and the Interim Report Results. Here you can export the report for an electronic copy which you can choose to print. The orange arrow indicates the drop-down list for the academic year. This allows you to select a previous year for a visual representation of the Effort and achievement graphs within Compass.

Figure 2

Semester Reports
The end of semester reports contain a summary of Victorian Curriculum levels and class by class summaries of Work Habits and key Learning Tasks. The green arrow in Figure 2 indicates the list of semester reports. These can be accessed on the reports tab within the student’s profile. Here you can download an electronic copy or print if needed.