P.E Department

On Tuesday 7th May, 26 Year 7-10 students competed at the Eureka Cross Country competition held at Ballarat High School. The weather was sunny with a slight breeze which helped the students put in their best effort for their races.  All students showed great determination, positivity and were very competitive. Overall results were:

12-13 Yr Girls
Dallas Smart: 10th
Tasha Saunders: 21st
Felicity Stares: 26th
Isabelle Mulquiny: 32nd

12-13 Yr Boys
Logan Sandlant: 33rd
Lincoln Sage: 44th

14 Yr Girls
Destiny Frisby: 14th
Matilda Sporton: 36th

14 Yr Boys
Timothy Parker: 22nd
Ben Peacock: 24th
Eastyn Carr: 33rd
Jordan Lear: 34th
Benjamin Allan: 35th
Fletcher Holz: 36th
Jack Wheeler: 39th
Jesse Kennedy: 40th

15 Yr Girls
Willow Parker: 22nd
Laura McLinden: 23rd

15 Yr Boys
Myles Sandlant: 5th
Tyler Richards: 22nd
Mitchell Kercheval: 23rd

16 Yr Boys
Jack Peacock: 3rd
Mitchell Pesti: 7th
Liam McLinden: 9th
Luke Arvidson: 18th
Xavier McErvale: 29th

We also had some team results for the day which were;

16 Yr Boys: 2nd (Jack Peacock, Mitchell Pesti, Liam McLinden, Luke Arvidson and Xavier McErvale)

A special thanks to Paul Kelly (Pre-service Teacher) and to the family and friends who came along to support our students. GWR Cross Country is on Friday 7th June in Warrnambool.