To explain to our school community the Department’s and Beaufort Secondary College’s policy requirements and expectations relating to students using mobile phones and other personal mobile devices during school hours.

This policy applies to:

A mobile phone is a telephone with access to a cellular (telecommunication) system, with or without a physical connection to a network.  For the purpose of this policy, “mobile phone” refers to mobile phones and any device that may connect to or have a similar functionality to a mobile phone such as smart watches.

Beaufort Secondary College understands that students may bring a personal mobile phone to school, particularly if they are travelling independently to and from school.

At Beaufort Secondary College:

Personal mobile phone use
In accordance with the Department’s Mobile Phones — Student Use Policy issued by the Minister for Education, personal mobile phones must not be used at Beaufort Secondary College during school hours, including lunchtime and recess, unless an exception has been granted.Where a student has been granted an exception, the student must use their mobile phone for the purpose for which the exception was granted, and in a safe, ethical and responsible manner.

Secure storage
Mobile phones owned by students at Beaufort Secondary College are considered valuable items and are brought to school at the owner’s (student’s or parent/carer’s) risk. Students are encouraged not to bring a mobile phone to school unless there is a compelling reason to do so.  Please note that Beaufort Secondary College does not have accident insurance for accidental property damage or theft. Students and their parents/carers are encouraged to obtain appropriate insurance for valuable items.  Refer to the Department’s Claims for Property Damage and Medical Expenses policy.

Where students bring a mobile phone to school, Beaufort Secondary College will provide secure storage. Secure storage is storage that cannot be readily accessed by those without permission to do so. At Beaufort Secondary College students are required to store their phones at The General Office.

Students who use their personal mobile phones inappropriately at Beaufort Secondary College may be issued with consequences consistent with our school’s existing Student Wellbeing and Engagement and Code of Conduct policies.

At Beaufort Secondary College inappropriate use of mobile phones is any use during school hours, unless an exception has been granted, and particularly use of a mobile phone:

Exceptions to the policy:

The three categories of exceptions allowed under the Department’s Mobile Phones — Student Use Policy are:

1. Learning-related exceptions

Specific ​exception

For specific learning activities (class-based exception)

For students for whom a reasonable adjustment to a learning program is needed because of a disability or learning difficulty

2. Health and wellbeing-related exceptions

Specific exception

Students with a health condition

Students who are Young Carers

3. Exceptions related to managing risk when students are offsite

Specific exception

Travelling to and from excursions

Students on excursions and camps

When students are offsite (not on school grounds) and unsupervised with parental permission

Students with a dual enrolment or who need to undertake intercampus travel


Unit of work, learning sequence

Individual Learning Plan, Individual Education Plan


Student Health Support Plan

A localised student record


Risk assessment planning documentation

Risk assessment planning documentation

Risk assessment planning documentation

Risk assessment planning documentation

Where an exception is granted, the student can only use the mobile phone for the purpose for which it was granted.

Camps, excursions and extracurricular activities
Beaufort Secondary College will provide students and their parents and carers with information about items that can or cannot be brought to camps, excursions, special activities and events, including personal mobile phones.

This policy does not apply to:

Related policies and resources

This policy was last updated on December 2020 and is scheduled for review on December 2022.