Beaufort Secondary College are working in conjunction with Ourschool, a not-for-profit organisation, to develop and implement the school’s alumni program. The program aims to strengthen the community from the inside out, by building a network of inter-connected alumni through a variety of communication tools. Alums will be invited back to the school to participate in sessions tailored specifically to certain areas of study. We will also be hosting sessions that draw on a broader range of expertise, in order to target larger groups within our school. Alums will not necessarily be required to attend onsite, as we have the option to live stream directly from their location. Sessions will be presented in a variety of different formats, ranging from Q & A style interviews, to more interactive experiences where alums may assist students to develop certain skills. Ideally, we would like to create a support network beyond teachers, family and friends, that students can access before and after graduating, with the aim to ease their transition into the world and workplace. We will have processes in place to ensure that any potential participating alumni are suitable for the program.If you are a former student of BSC and would like to contribute to our program in some way, or you know of someone who could, then please contact us at