Beaufort Secondary College

Beaufort Secondary College is a Year 7-12 college of 200 students serving a rural community in Western Victoria, approximately 50kms from Ballarat. Students learn in a beautiful environment beside Beaufort Lake. At Beaufort Secondary College we believe strongly in the development of partnerships between students, staff, parents and our local community to achieve quality outcomes for young people. We strive for all students to feel a sense of belonging within our college and community.

Respectful Relationships - High Expectations - Excellence


Google Apps and Office 365

The Department of Education has developed a system where students can use Google and Office 365 online services to support teaching and learning at school. If you have any concerns about the new system you can contact Adrian Page at the school (03)5349 2305. There is also an opt-out form as a part of this pack if you do not wish for your child to have access to cloud services.

Office 365 has always been free to all students and should not be purchased when purchasing a new computer. Again contact Adrian for more information about this.

June 26th

Thank you
Life isn’t back to normal just yet but I would like to thank everyone for the support that has been given and received over the last few months by our entire school community – in particular, staff, students and parents. It has been a journey that we have taken together and the care we have demonstrated for each other has been evident in the positive way in which we have made it through to the end of this term – relationships and spirits intact! It is a strange end to Semester One but I wish everyone a well deserved break and look forward to a refreshed and rejuvenated return after the holidays.

Student Reports
The Department of Education and Training has adjusted the expectations of Student Reports for Semester 1 in recognition of the transition to remote and flexible learning during Term 2.

Whilst our school has continued to deliver its teaching and learning program and monitor the achievement and progress of each student, there have been some unprecedented changes to our usual program.

At Beaufort Secondary College, we know it is vital to involve students and their parents/carers in learning. This process includes providing reports on student learning.

This Semester we will provide a written report for the parent/carer of each student enrolled at our school and the reports will include information on student achievement for each curriculum area taught. However, there are some changes from our usual Semester 1 reports.

For students in Year 7-10 our report will include:
• a description of the areas of the Victorian Curriculum F-10 taught
• a comment on how the student has adjusted to the remote and flexible learning environment

For students in VCAL and VCE our report will include:
• a description of the unit
• a descriptive comment in relation to student learning and achievement

Please note that we will not be including teacher judgements and a five-point scale due to the unprecedented changes to our program due to COVID-19. We will report on progress at the end of the year.

Our reports usually provide student achievement and effort graphs for each term. However, this semester we will only have the graphs for Term 1 as a result of changes to the program due to COVID-19.

Our reports will still be available through Compass and will be made available by Friday 24th July.

Whilst it is our intention to hold Parent Teacher Interviews in Term 3, this decision is pending future advice from the Department of Education and Training and we will advise accordingly.

Once again, thank you for your continued support during remote and flexible learning and beyond.

Take care!

Karl Schier
Beaufort Secondary College

Mobile Phones

Just a kind reminder about Beaufort Secondary College’s mobile phone policy. If students choose to bring their phone to school our expectation is that they will leave it at the office in the morning and pick it up after school.

Child Safe Schools

The Child Safe Standards are compulsory minimum standards for all Victorian early childhood services and schools, to ensure they are well prepared to protect children from abuse and neglect.​ Beaufort Secondary College has many policies and procedures in place that cater for the protection, safety and wellbeing of our students. Implementing the safe school strategies will further enhance the care and support we provide for our students.

Respectful Relationships - High Expectations - Excellence