Beaufort Secondary College is a Year 7-12 college of 200 students serving a rural community in Western Victoria, approximately 50kms from Ballarat. Students learn in a beautiful environment beside Beaufort Lake. At Beaufort Secondary College we believe strongly in the development of partnerships between students, staff, parents and local community to achieve quality outcomes for young people. Students to feel a sense of belonging within their college and community.

From the Principals Desk


Our new buildings are in place and the construction barriers have been taken which has created a new feel to our school. We still have work to finish off with some painting and other extras to be done but in terms of construction, the big work has been done. We will organise an ‘open day’ or evening for our parents and community to visit the school to see the improvements that have taken place – it’s a big change and quite impressive! It’s a huge bonus for our school and our community.


As I mentioned in our last newsletter, with the major building works complete, it is timely to revisit our school focus areas, values and beliefs. And we did just that at a whole school assembly in our Drama Centre last Thursday. We were also joined by Ms Tameeka Rush (Beaufort Primary School Principal) and her Year 6 students, most of which will join us next year.


We had guest speakers for each of our values and beliefs that sit under our Focus Areas of; Respectful Relationships, High Expectations and Excellence.


Respectful Relationships

Trust – Councillor for the Pyrenees Shire, Mrs. Tanya Kehoe

Respect – Rhiannon Goossens

Care – Ms. Jackie Kerr


High Expectations

Commitment – Councillor for the Pyrenees Shire, Mr. Damian Ferrari

Responsibility – Jeff Debast

Motivation – Mr. Troy Cunningham



Dedication – Our School Council President, Mr. Colin Gerrard

100% Effort – Jaelyn Brand

Determination – Ms. Kate McGinty


As Principal, I gave an overview of our Focus Areas. I explained that they developed from a collaborative approach, which involved input from our students, teachers, parents and our community – we didn’t just pull them from the internet! I also made comment about why they are important to me in everyday life and that I believe they can also assist students in being more successful in their own lives – not just while they are at school.


Each of the speakers explained why their particular Value or Belief was important to them and we were provided with some ‘real life’ examples of how their lives have been impacted. It was interesting to listen to each of the speakers’ perspectives and we were fortunate to be able to hear from our successful community members, all of which attended our school for their secondary education. It was also terrific to hear from our students and teachers who gave us insight into themselves as people and the importance of the various values.  Thank you to all who were able to share their experiences on the stage – we very much appreciate their valuable input!


We have already continued the Values and Beliefs conversation in some of our classes and will continue the discussion through Form Group, Assemblies and classwork. It is very important to us to embed the behaviours associated with our Focus Areas in our everyday actions and attitudes to ensure we can continue to be successful as individuals and as a school, now and into the future.

Karl Schier

College Happenings


Wow! I can’t believe Term 1 is almost over. It’s been a very busy but productive term, which has seen the near completion of our new buildings. It has been exciting and rewarding to see the enthusiasm our students have demonstrated in learning in our new spaces.

There have been many highlights of Term 1. We have competed in many sports carnivals, including swimming and athletics, and I would particularly like to acknowledge our U18-20 Girls Freestyle relay team who finished third at the Regional Swimming Championship at Horsham. I was lucky enough to be present to cheer on Vicki, Tiarna, Tasha and Ashleigh as they made themselves and our school very proud. Well done, girls! I look forward to cheering you to second or first next year!

Feedback from students is that our Year 9/10 program is working well and students are engaged and interested and looking forward to their next lesson. Our Year 7s have completed their first camp which was a huge success and I would like to acknowledge the hard work of Mrs. Julie Doyle and Miss. Keiren Vernon in organising and supervising the camp. Thank you also to all the staff who attended the camp and provided our students with memories they won’t forget.

Please remember – you need access to COMPASS to keep up with life at Beaufort Secondary College. Each family should now have a unique login and password. If you have difficulty logging on, or do not have your logon password, please do not hesitate to contact our General Office.

Wearing full school uniform reinforces in students pride in their own appearance, instils recognition of themselves as an integral part of the school community and assists in developing pride in representing their school. Issues of equity, health and safety, and expense are also factors that contribute to having a compulsory school uniform.

BSC expects that students will be neatly presented in full school uniform and it is an expectation that all students will abide by the uniform policy. We kindly request that parents support all aspects of this policy and therefore ensure that their child is in full school uniform every day.

Please note that BSC school jackets and blazers are both available for purchase for the cooler months. Black puffer jackets are not part of our school uniform and we kindly request that students do not wear them at school.

I look forward to meeting or seeing you again at our Parent Teacher Interviews on Wednesday 1st May. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact me via phone or email should you have any questions or queries about your child’s education.

Stay safe and enjoy your holidays.

Miss. McGinty




Ph. (03)5349 2305

If parents need to contact the school, below is a list of teachers areas of responsibility.

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Principal:  Mr.  Karl Schier
Assistant Principal:  Miss. Kate McGinty
VCE, VET & VCAL Co-ordinator:  Mrs. Belinda Evans & Mr. Anthony Lindorff
Year 7 Co-ordinators:  Mrs. Julie Doyle and Miss. Keiran Vernon
Years 8-10 Co-ordinator:  Mr. Simon De Zoete-Spiero
Sports Co-ordinator:   Miss. Keiran Vernon
Careers and Work Experience:   Mr. Phil Crouch
Business Manager:   Mrs Kerry Grant & Mrs. Kathie Pitt

For subject related matters, please contact the subject teacher.

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